Migration to Travis-ci.com

Message for Developer(s)

Great achievement today!

We migrated the build ops from Travis-ci.org to Travis-ci.com successfully.

(after 4 months of reminders ;)

PS: Travis-ci.org is officially inactive since 31st December 2020 ;)


New translation: Italian

DownZemAll! is now available in Italian (thanks to @Bovirus).

Windows installer translations

The installer for Windows is now translated in:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • SimpChinese
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • PortugueseBR
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Note: The NSIS project provides already translated dialogs, so it’s nice to re-use this work. However a dozen of messages are specific to DZA… so in a context of releasing quickly these changes, I did quick-n-dirty Google Translate for these sentences.

If you think they are poor, don’t hesitate to contribute.


To contribute, please look at the translation project page on Transifex.

To add a new language, just open an issue on Github.

Torrent Widget Enhanced

Torrent Widget Enhanced

The torrent widget (which appears when you download a .torrent file or magnet link) has been improved.

Tables are now sortable. If you click on the table header, it sorts the items by the column.

From now on, the torrent widget shows a piece-by-piece progress bar for the global torrent file in the Info tab. The same kind of bars present the peer’s available pieces under the Peers tab.

The Peer tab also displays the peer flags as emojis:). If you let the mouse above, a tool tip presents more details.

The tab keeps the former connections in italic, you can filter them through the mouse’s context menu.

The Piece Map tab now shows the piece map of the torrent.

Torrent Improved

  • Funkier Peer Flags and available pieces:

Peer Flags

  • New Piece Map:

Piece Map

Referring Page

DownZemAll! offers a new feature: Referring Page.

Wikipedia says:

The HTTP referer (a misspelling of referrer) is an optional HTTP header field that identifies the address of the webpage (i.e., the URI or IRI) which is linked to the resource being requested. By checking the referer, the new webpage can see where the request originated.

In the most common situation this means that when a user clicks a hyperlink in a web browser, the browser sends a request to the server holding the destination webpage. The request may include the referer field, which indicates the last page the user was on (the one where they clicked the link).

Referer logging is used to allow websites and web servers to identify where people are visiting them from, for promotional or statistical purposes.

The default behaviour of referer leaking puts websites at risk of privacy and security breaches.[1]

How to set up your default referring page

Go to Options > Preferences > Privacy, and type the default referring page address:

Referring Page

Note that you can change or remove this default page for each download. Look at the bottom group box of the Wizard dialogs.

Further reading

^[1]: HTTP Referer definition on Wikipedia

Proxy Server

DownZemAll! can use a proxy server now.

A proxy server sits between your computer and the internet. Acting as a bridge between DownZemAll! or your web browser and internet services like websites and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, a proxy server can potentially make your internet more private and secure. Here’s how to set up DownZemAll! so you can use a proxy server to your advantage.

What is a proxy server

A proxy server is a gateway between you and the internet. When you visit a website, the proxy server communicates with it on behalf of DZA. Then, when the website answers, the proxy forwards the data to you.

Proxy servers can do many jobs. These include scanning for viruses, acting as a firewall, speeding up your connection by caching, and hiding your public IP address.

How to set up your proxy server

Here’s how to set up your DZA! to use a proxy server :

Network Proxy

  1. Go to Options > Preferences > Network

  2. Enable proxying by changing the Type to SOCKS5 or HTTP

  3. Fill the proxy address, port, and user authentification. Note that DZA stores the password in clear text

Type Description
None  No proxying is used.
SOCKS5 based on RFC 1928 and RFC 1929. Generic proxy for any kind of connection. Supports TCP, UDP, binding to a port (incoming connections) and authentication.
HTTP A HTTP transparent proxying is used. Implemented using the “CONNECT” command, supports only outgoing TCP connections; supports authentication.

Network Proxy

Torrent Proxy

LibTorrent uses a separate settings storage, then to enable proxying with torrent, you should :

  1. Go to Options > Preferences > Advanced

  2. Filter with “proxy

  3. Fill the proxy address, port, and user authentification

Torrent Proxy

Further reading

The introduction of this article is largely inspired by a post from the Avast blog